Countdown to Your Wedding Day

Countdown to Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding day can take a bit of time, with most couples choosing a date and beginning to organise everything around twelve months beforehand. Of course, you can do it quicker and if you are going abroad for a wedding, it can be done quite quickly. But for most weddings, it is a serious of steps over a period of time.

One year out

So let’s say you’ve decided to get married in just over twelve months, or longer. Then at this early stage, the decisions are all the big ones with the little details to follow later. At this point you want to consider whether you want a theme for the wedding. You also start looking at venues and consider if you want somewhere different for the venue, like a luxury villa in Croatia or a beach wedding in the Caribbean.

At this point, you can consider if you are getting married in church, a registry office or the venue itself and start any preparations for this. Whatever way you are getting married, you will need to let the Registrar know so the wedding will be legal.

At this stage you will also be considering all the elements of the day. You will start looking at:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Suits for the groom and other men
  • Find a photographer and/or videographer
  • Choose flowers for bouquet and the venue

With elements such as the photographer and the flowers, the earlier you book these, the better. It is a tick off your list and lets you know that you have the choice you want secured. You can also start looking at the honeymoon at this stage and see about the wedding cake.

Six months’ out

This is when much of the planning you did at the early stage starts to come together. You looked at wedding invitation ideas, for example, and now you can order them so you have them in plenty of time. You picked a dress you loved and now is the time to start fittings and making sure it is going to be perfect on the day.

If you want a beautician for the day, this is the time to book them and to start your beauty regime with makeovers. Plan out what you will want just before the wedding and try things early, just in case anything doesn’t work or treatments cause unfortunate side effects!

Accessories for yourself, bridesmaids and little touches like wedding favours can be arranged at this stage. You may want to consider wedding insurance and look at the legal side of changing your name such as banks or passports.

Three to one month

This is when you send out invites, set up your gift list if you are having one and finish all the little things. Choose wedding music, gifts for the relevant people and seating plans with the caterers or venue. It is also the time for final fittings of dresses and suits.

In this time, check everything that you have already booked to ensure it is following plan. Make sure you have transport arranged such as wedding cars. As the end of the period comes around, follow up with anyone who hasn’t replied to the invite.

The week of the wedding

The week of the wedding will be chaos but in a good way. Little things like wearing in your wedding shoes can be crucial for comfort on the day and organising an emergency kit for makeup and other essentials is a good idea. Make sure everything is ready for the honeymoon such as foreign currency and go and have those final visits with the beautician and hairdressers

Then before you know it the day will be here and you will have the perfect day that shows all the planning paid off!